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More than 40 years of experience in Research of industrial products, mainly in the field of innovative materials and processes. The most important steps in education and position were:
Master in Pure Chemistry at University of Torino in 1974;
PHD in Organic macromolecules Synthesis in 1977;
1975-77 Researcher in the University of Torino Laboratories , Institute of Organic Chemistry;
1977-1988 Researcher at Finsider, major Italian Corporation developing and producing special steels, alloyed steels for Automotive, constructional special steels for Mechanical Industry, special steels for oil pipes and Inox steels for any kind of applications. In that period, he was dedicated firstly to the development of case hardened steels alloyed with Cr and Mn, in order to substitute the previous Ni,Cr,Mo steels for cost reason, and the target was successfully achieved. Furthermore, he was operating in a multi-industry team to develop special Stainless steels for nuclear applications, using B oxide as drug component to increase the capture surface of the gamma radiation. Another achieved goal was the development of special steels for the High speed rails, research made in a multi-industry team connected with the National Railways Authority. In the middle of the eighties he was involved in the presentation of the Italian Industry Know-How for the first time in East Asia, firstly in China, at the Bejin University and after in South Korea.
1988-2016 director of R&D at ITT Motion Technologies and then Vice President, dealing with the development of Friction Materials for Automotive and heavy duties applications. The target was to bring the Company, at that time mainly AM and some OE in Italy, to become a global leader in OE applications. While in 1988 ITT had mainly customers in Italy and France, had an impressive expansion in all Europe and in USA, covering the needs of all the Car manufacturers and conquering the leadership in the OE market. Now, from 2011 ITT MT is present also in China, where the Company strategy is to expand the production in Wuxi from the present 22 M pads/year to 60 M pads /year in the next 5 years. The R&D activities during this period of impressing growth were mainly dedicated to find innovative solutions both in materials and in processes which could support the growth in a very aggressive and price driven market. The goals were to be the first in Europe having a complete Asbestos-free portfolio in a short time frame , as the EU legislation had forbidden products with Asbestos from 1992. Innovative solutions were found also in studying new materials which could shorten the Cyclus time in the production, e.g. fast curing thermosetting polymers or in-line heat treatments instead of longer lasting treatments by batch. During the past three years a lot of activities were done in order to be the first having a Cu free materials portfolio and the target was reached well in advance to the limit stated by some USA legislations.
2016-2017 VP R&D & Engineering in CHINA (Shanghai area) with the task to create a China R&D center for friction materials, with material formulation, Prototyping and Testing, installing a laboratory with all the modern analytical methodologies to provide service to the Customers. A special attention was given in recruiting talents, training them and facilitating connections with the best China Universities.

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